Ashoka University



Ashoka University was set up on the collective philanthropy model. As of yet, 90+ founders have pooled in 750+ crore INR to support this initiative because they believe in the philosophy of Ashoka. We have some of the best global faculty members who have left their teaching career at top colleges abroad to come and teach at Ashoka.

Campus at Ashoka

 Ashoka is a fully residential campus and has been equipped to house around 1150 students ( with the incoming Undergraduate and YIF batches by August 2016) in 715 fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms ( 325 of which will be newly opened in August 2016). Residences have common bathrooms on each floor, a lounge area and facilities for laundry and fitness.

On-Campus Dining: The centrally-located dining hall has a multi-cuisine menu and offers three nutritious meals and evening snacks each day. The meal system functions on a pay-per-meal model which enables students to pay only for the meals they eat. A tuck shop and a cooperative store are open for students to purchase both fresh and packaged food, and other general provisions. Various eateries on campus offer further variety in food, some of which remain open through the night with delivery options for students’ convenience.

Wifi enabled campus: The campus is fully wifi-enabled. Students also have access to online resources and  state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to support their educational endeavors. Additionally, the IT department at the University also helps students with any difficulties they may face.

Library: Our library is open 24-7 so that students have a quiet space to work at all hours of the day. The library provides students with proper access to online resources in the form of books, journals, articles, and other databases that are essential to conducting proper research, regardless of the topic. The library also has a centralized database system that allows students to locate books easily. Our collection has been selected by the University faculty so while many of our books coincide with the curriculum, there are also a number of texts for students to read in their free time. There is also a documentation center for students’ photocopying, scanning and printing needs.


For travel to and from the University, we have shuttle services that work on an hourly or half-hourly schedule. These shuttles transport students to and from the Jahangirpuri metro station, which is towards the north on the Delhi Metro Yellow Line.


Security of its students is of paramount importance to Ashoka University. There are CCTV cameras at all exit points that are staffed by security personnel at all hours. Smoke detectors and fire alarms are placed in every room of the buildings on campus.

Ashoka University
Address: Plot No. 2, Rajiv Gandhi Education City,National Capital Region, Sonepat, Rai, Haryana 131029
Phone: 0130 230 0000